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Ground Source Heat Pump


Rockshell Corps Ground source Heat pump are designed to extract heat from the ground(Since ground always maintains a constant temperature throughout the year irrespective of Atmospheric temperature variations) to heat provide hot Water/Air in the most energy efficient manner with special in house developed Heat exchangers for long life and consistent performance.

Key Features:

- COP -7.5 (Heating 4 and Cooling 3.5)
- High Temperature Heat Pumps upto 90Deg C
- Specially developed Heat exchangers for High TDS and High Hardness of ground water
- Compressors : Emerson/Danfoss/Bitzer/Hanbell etc
- R 134A Low pressure gas for long life more than 10 Years
- Maintenance friendly construction, so that all parts are easily accessible for routine maintenance and continuous operation
- Microprocessor based PLC controllers with interactive HMI Control for monitoring all parameters
- Log report for records
- BMS Connection for remote monitoring

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