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Heat pump based effluent to Distilled water converter


Rockshell Corp’s Heat pump based Effluent to Distilled Water Converter are designed to treat different kinds of Raw effluents ,Treated Effluents and High TDS RO Reject waste water with High TDS,TSS,COD,BOD ,Chlorides, Hardness etc in most energy efficient and eco-friendly manner and recover Salts to align with Zero Liquid Discharge objectives.

- OPEX – 25KW to treat 1000 Litres evaporation (Rs 150 per KL against Multi-effect Evaporator which has OPEX of Rs 700 per KL)
- Skid mounted units
- Evaporation under Vaccum /Atmospheric Depending upon application
- Single Stage Process
- Available with SS 316L /Duplex Steel/Titanium
- Automatic Cleaning cycle for Scaling Effluents
- No steam required. Completely electrical powered
- Fully automatic machine
- No need for cooling tower.
- Microprocessor based Control system with HMI interactive screen
- Log Records of all Parameters with BMS Integration
- Concentration upto 45% of Salts
- Recovery of sodium Sulphate and Sodium chlorides salts

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