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Swimming Pool Heat Pump


COP -11 (Heating 8 and Cooling 3)

Temperature from 28Deg c to 35 Deg C

Return on investment of less than 12 Months against electrical heaters. 50KW Electrical Heater will be replaced 7KW Swimming pool Heat pump.

Branded Plate type Heat Exchangers from Kelivion /HRS (German make) of Titanium for Chlorinated swimming pool water. Special Chemical treatment is also suggested for Chlorine water for long life of Heat pump.

Compressors : Emerson/Danfoss etc

Cooling part of Heat pump is utilized to cool down specified area through our ducting system instead of wasting cold air in atmosphere

Maintenance friendly construction, so that all parts are easily accessible for routine maintenance and continuous operation

Microprocessor based PLC controllers with interactive HMI Control for monitoring all parameters

Mobile Phone operations- Owners can switch on the Heat pump through Cell phones/IPAD and set the temperatures

Typical applications :
Swimming pools in Hotels and Resorts
Luxurious bungalows

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